Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year in Review

I just took a few moments to look through the posts I published over the last year. Last January, I did a recap of the year. That was pretty fun to read again, so the time has come to repeat.

I began the year in January by attempting to crochet a sweater for the unborn baby boy. The sweater still sits, half complete, in the bag I left it months, and months, and months ago. Kid was still just an unborn peanut, but we had decided upon his name. I could finally start calling him by his name. Of course, we weren't yet sharing with the rest of the world as we didn't want to hear anyone's opinions.

February came and went pretty quickly. The hubs surprised me with flowers at work. He also surprised with with a clean house after a twelve hour work day.

I started meal planning in March. And it went pretty well for awhile. In fact, I still plan a weekly menu more often than not. It really has helped me to change the way I grocery shop and prepare meals after work.

April flew in and brought with it a 6-week-early surprise! Kid joined the world and our lives were changed for the better. I learned quite a bit those first few days and weeks with Kid at home, and was so lucky to have the hubby home with me.

May came, and we celebrated Kid's due date with the birth of his cousin. The boys already have so much fun together. I am so pumped to watch those two munchkins grow up together. The hubs went back to work for a few weeks and I had quite a bit of alone time with the boy and the pup.

With June came summer, and no work. I was so thankful to have the hubs home again, mostly to entertain the dog. The dang dong has so much energy! We started traveling with Kid on a fairly regular basis (almost weekly!). His first trip was a camping trip to Lake Carlos State Park, which will likely become a tradition if the daddy continues coaching. His second trip was a fishing trip to Lake Vermillion. Beautiful lake. No fish.

July brought even more traveling (we were home for maybe a week). Kid saw Omaha, Nebraska and the Henry Doorly Zoo. If you haven't been to this zoo, you must. It is phenomenal. We also visited Mount Rushmore and Kenosha, Wisconsin. My parents joined us for the Kenosha trip. It was so wonderful to have babysitters with us! I also started creating recipes more frequently (well, following recipes and modifying them to my liking) and created the *recetas* page.

August arrived, and with it brought the beginning of work again. Kid started going to daycare two days a week, and spent the remaining days with grandparents (we are so lucky!). Our lives changed once again when both the hubs and I went back to work full time. It was an adjustment, as it is every year!

September flew by. Honestly? What even happened in September? Kid went to his first Twins baseball game. I made stir fry from the garden (it was delicious). I vowed to not plant as many cherry tomato plants next year, as they were coming out our ears.

October brought another random surprise at work. One that made me cry. I stuck Kid and his cousin in a pumpkin, because why wouldn't I? Isn't it cute? He didn't sit very nicely, and most of the pictures were blurry. And holy cow, he's six months!

November came and went. Quickly. As every month does. I finally finished the mobile for Kid's room. Yeah, I started it while I was pregnant. I'm slow with some things!

December. Oh, December. Always such a blur. We truly had a blast, running from gathering to gathering. We learned a new game with the dog (skijoring) and took the boy with us, too. I also played photographer (still learning) for our Christmas card. And finally, Kid started writing his first thank you cards for all of the generosity he received this Christmas.