Monday, December 2, 2013

Eight Months

My baby is eight months old today.

No longer is he a baby. He's a big boy. He sits up. He rolls (very rarely). He interacts more and more each day.

No. The little man is no longer the baby I knew just two months ago...even just a month ago. He has grown so much, and in so many ways.

Kid Stats: Eight Months

Weight: We won't head back to the doctor for another month. We weighed you on our home scale, though, and think you're about 20 pounds. On the breastfed baby charts, that equates to about the 70th percentile.

Length:  You are far too squirmy for us to measure accurately. But you are long!

Head: Last time we checked, it was in the 85th percentile. Big head!

Clothing: Just yesterday, I packed away all of your 9 month clothing. And I scored a TON of good deals on 12 month closing during Black Friday sales. Don't worry. I didn't wait at the stores at midnight on Thursday to score these deals (although, now it is 8pm).

Diapers: Still rocking the cloth diapers at home. You're in size 4 when we go with the disposables.

Favorite Food: You have tried so many foods now! I'd say that your favorite is kabocha squash. You did not care for avocado one bit (still offering it once in awhile) or peas.

Favorite Toy: You love anything you can put in your mouth. You love your Taggie puppy and seahorse rattle. You also enjoy toys that you can bang on any hard surface. You also have some "loveys" that you like to bring everywhere. One is a puppy, one is a frog. Besides Mama, Daddy, and Finn, your loveys are your best friends.

New Developments: While you don't always feel the need to do so, you can finally roll from tummy to back. A few weeks ago (maybe a month?) you showed Mama that you could roll, but you just decided to show your skills to Daddy this week. You're sitting! While we still have the Boppy pillow behind you, you're pretty steady. My guess is that your muscles wear out after 15 to 20 minutes, and then you usually fall backward.

You're loving life, little man. Daddy and I continue to love you more and more each day...