Monday, April 29, 2013

Meal Plan!

It has been awhile since I've written a meal plan out. Making meals was difficult while in the hospital. Thankful for all of you that brought us food in the hospital during our almost two week stay (only two weeks! We were pretty lucky in that regard...).

And then we got home and people have been bringing us food and/or inviting us over for dinner. So thankful.

But now, we are starting to get into a new normal. A normal that includes our little man. A normal that includes me being at home. Although, that will change come September.

So, here goes:

Monday: Chicken Parmesan
Tuesday: Girls' Night - Salad Bar
Wednesday: Dinner with my parents
Thursday: Steak & Asparagus
Friday: Chicken Enchiladas
Saturday: Chicken & Spinach Pizza
Sunday: Waffles with Homemade Maple Syrup

Kind of a lazy meal new recipes to follow, no crazy ingredients to scour for. I figure my first full week back into this game of cooking should be pretty simple...

Friday, April 26, 2013

Even MORE Lessons! (Aren't you excited!?)

This little boy and I have enjoyed our first full week of being home alone together. The hubs went back to work on Monday.

While it has been interesting, it most definitely has been delightful and quite the learning experience.

That's right. I've got more lessons for you.

I don't remember what number I'm on. Let's start with six.

Lesson #6: Kids and Dogs

Having a baby and a 1 year old really active hunting dog is hard work. Especially since it has still been so cold and I've been hesitant to take G on a walk. Plus! The dog has never walked with a stroller. I'm unsure if it is wise to have the baby in the stroller for the first walk. I'll wait to cross that bridge. Maybe I'll cross it when the hubs is home. My point is that this puppy boy wants to spend hours outside mi it were just me and him, I'd happily oblige. But it's not just me and him. If it were, he'd be in his crate all day. And I'd be teaching those five year olds.

Lesson #7: Constipation Sucks

G has been poopless since Monday afternoon. My father in law is a doctor and said be not worried until the fourth poopless day. Hello fourth poopless day. How are you? I think the boy spent more hours grunting and trying to poop than sleeping and eating. Poor kid. We have an unrelated doc appointment today for him. We will definitely bring up the poop.

Lesson #8: Adaptability is Awesome

Back during my pregnancy, and even pre-pregnancy days, I needed some good, solid hours of sleep. Lots of hours. 7, 8, 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Man, have I ever adapted. Two, maybe three, hours every so often hasn't been that bad. Sleep when the baby sleeps has been great!

This little guy has only been around for 3 weeks (3 weeks til his due date!) and I've already learned so much!

I think the biggest lesson, though, is how quickly time flies.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Old Timer

It's amazing how, after just one week, I feel like a seasoned veteran in the Special Care (Level 2) Nursery.

Before, I'd walk in and head back to the little peanut not really knowing if I was allowed to touch or hold him. He's been in the incubator for all but one day. I wanted to be sure he was getting all the warmth he needed.

Now, I know that he's my boy and I can do whatever I damn well please. Except take him home. And, it has to be within reason of course. I mean, really, he was six weeks early. But now I walk in with confidence. I change the little man's diaper while the nurses take his vitals. I know the right questions to ask.

Before, I'd walk in with my syringe of colostrum, then bottle, then bottles of expressed breastmilk and wonder what I was supposed to do. Give it to the nurse? Leave it on the counter?

Now, I know to check the fridge supply. If it is lacking, stick the bottles in his fridge bin. If it is full, stick the bottles in the freezer bin. That's right. I already have a decent supply of frozen breastmilk to take home. Yay for that because Daddy gets to help with the overnight feedings!

There are now 4 babies in the Level 2 Nursery, two arriving yesterday. I see the worried eyes of the new Special Care parents and am reminded of myself from just a week ago. In a matter of days, those new parents will know the ropes and will become seasoned veterans just as the hubs and I did.

Friday, April 5, 2013

More Lessons

Lesson #4: My Dad is Awesome

This boy came at a crazy time. We thought we had six weeks left. At least a month, for sure.

So we got new carpet. And tore the old stuff out ourselves. The laundry could wait.

There was an amazing deal on laminate flooring. Something we have been eying since we moved in. We installed it ourselves. Big ol' preggo even helped (by sitting in the floor and pounding in staples). Still, the laundry could wait.

But, now?

Now, we've been at the hospital since Monday night and the laundry truly cannot wait.

My dad is at our house right now working through our piles of dirty clothes.

That is one amazing dad.

Lesson #5: on Being a Mom

The only thing I can say about this one is this:

Being a mom is absolutely amazing.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Our Boy is Here!

Oh my goodness, have I learned a thing or two since Monday night.

Lesson #1: life does not go according to plan.

Of course, I knew this. Other things have strayed from the plan in the past. But this week's plan? I was to get a crib set up for my baby. Finish his room. Clean the house. Typical nesting type stuff, yeah?

The peanut had a different plan. And when your water breaks at 10:30 pm and your baby boy is telling you he's coming? He's coming. And he's not going to wait. We got to the hospital by 11, all set to go by 11:30. Buddy boy arrived at 5:23 Tuesday morning. Plans change, right?

Lesson #2: sisters are the shiz.

Because life does not go according to plan, you may sometimes find yourself not quite prepared for things. Such as having a hospital bag packed. It was on my spring break to do list. Right after my water broke, I emptied a threw a few things, toothbrushes, clean underwear for the hubs, comfy post-labor/delivery clothes for me, my wallet.

That was it. How was I supposed to know?

Tuesday morning, my lovely sister shows up with a suitcase from my house. Clean clothes. Contact solution. Clean socks. A hairbrush. Deodorant. Her old nursing bra. Peanutbutter M&Ms. Mountain Dew for the hubs. A razor. Who knew a razor would be so loved?!

Her husband showed up with a canteen of coffee. We were treated so well. Those dang sisters. They just know it all. She knew what I needed. She knew better than I did. And here I sit, still in the hospital, feeling comfortable because of that small red suitcase brought by my sister.

Lesson #3: I'm a real mom

Technically, I became a mom when we got pregnant. Then again when I gave birth to our sweet little boy.

But. Today. Just thirty minutes ago, I became a real mom.

That's right. My son peed on me.

For now, I'll leave you with those three life lessons.


I had these great plans for my 100th post. But the little man had other plans and decided he wanted to meet us and the world six weeks early!

He's here and we are SO in love. I'm headed to bed before the next feeding, but hope to post more sooner rather than later.