Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Old Timer

It's amazing how, after just one week, I feel like a seasoned veteran in the Special Care (Level 2) Nursery.

Before, I'd walk in and head back to the little peanut not really knowing if I was allowed to touch or hold him. He's been in the incubator for all but one day. I wanted to be sure he was getting all the warmth he needed.

Now, I know that he's my boy and I can do whatever I damn well please. Except take him home. And, it has to be within reason of course. I mean, really, he was six weeks early. But now I walk in with confidence. I change the little man's diaper while the nurses take his vitals. I know the right questions to ask.

Before, I'd walk in with my syringe of colostrum, then bottle, then bottles of expressed breastmilk and wonder what I was supposed to do. Give it to the nurse? Leave it on the counter?

Now, I know to check the fridge supply. If it is lacking, stick the bottles in his fridge bin. If it is full, stick the bottles in the freezer bin. That's right. I already have a decent supply of frozen breastmilk to take home. Yay for that because Daddy gets to help with the overnight feedings!

There are now 4 babies in the Level 2 Nursery, two arriving yesterday. I see the worried eyes of the new Special Care parents and am reminded of myself from just a week ago. In a matter of days, those new parents will know the ropes and will become seasoned veterans just as the hubs and I did.

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