Thursday, April 4, 2013

Our Boy is Here!

Oh my goodness, have I learned a thing or two since Monday night.

Lesson #1: life does not go according to plan.

Of course, I knew this. Other things have strayed from the plan in the past. But this week's plan? I was to get a crib set up for my baby. Finish his room. Clean the house. Typical nesting type stuff, yeah?

The peanut had a different plan. And when your water breaks at 10:30 pm and your baby boy is telling you he's coming? He's coming. And he's not going to wait. We got to the hospital by 11, all set to go by 11:30. Buddy boy arrived at 5:23 Tuesday morning. Plans change, right?

Lesson #2: sisters are the shiz.

Because life does not go according to plan, you may sometimes find yourself not quite prepared for things. Such as having a hospital bag packed. It was on my spring break to do list. Right after my water broke, I emptied a threw a few things, toothbrushes, clean underwear for the hubs, comfy post-labor/delivery clothes for me, my wallet.

That was it. How was I supposed to know?

Tuesday morning, my lovely sister shows up with a suitcase from my house. Clean clothes. Contact solution. Clean socks. A hairbrush. Deodorant. Her old nursing bra. Peanutbutter M&Ms. Mountain Dew for the hubs. A razor. Who knew a razor would be so loved?!

Her husband showed up with a canteen of coffee. We were treated so well. Those dang sisters. They just know it all. She knew what I needed. She knew better than I did. And here I sit, still in the hospital, feeling comfortable because of that small red suitcase brought by my sister.

Lesson #3: I'm a real mom

Technically, I became a mom when we got pregnant. Then again when I gave birth to our sweet little boy.

But. Today. Just thirty minutes ago, I became a real mom.

That's right. My son peed on me.

For now, I'll leave you with those three life lessons.


  1. Congratulations again! I have been stalking your blog loving your updates, imagining myself in you place in a few weeks. It was such a surprise to hear your little boy had come early! Good reminder for me to be ready early. I am so happy for you. I hope you are able to enjoy your new role and adjust quickly to the bodily fluids! Ha.