Sunday, December 15, 2013

Meal Plan

I feel as though I've been rather absent as of late.

Needless to say, it is a busy time of year! We have quite a few holiday gatherings in the next couple of weeks, and the preparations have definitely begun.

AND! My bestie, K, had her baby last Wednesday! I had to make a trip (two) to the hospital to meet her boy, and Kid's new best friend. She is planning to "host" our weekly girls' night. I quote it because, in actuality, we will be at her house, but she will be doing no work. She just had a baby for goodness sake. And her post c-section orders are to lay low. The rest of the group (there are 7 of us, total) will be bringing a main dish, salad, red wine, white wine, and dessert. K will get to sit back and relax and we will get to hang out with the brand new baby boy!

Like I said. Busy time of year!

Here's the plan for the week:

Sunday: a big, fat spaghetti dinner. I've been trying to avoid grains as of late, but today felt like the perfect day for spaghetti and meat sauce made with venison.

Monday: modified taco casserole for us (no noodles). I'll be making the "regular" version as well, with noodles, for K to stick in her freezer. Sending freezer meals was one of the most helpful things early in G's life!

Tuesday: girls' night. I'll be making chicken soup to bring as the main dish.

Wednesday: steak and eggs. Oh, how I love steak and eggs. With some bell pepper and mushrooms. Maybe a little onion. Mmm. I'm excited. My mouth is already watering!

Thursday: birthday party for the mom-in-law. We'll probably have some ridiculously delicious meal!

Friday: enchilada stew over Mexican "rice." I call it "rice" because it's really cauliflower. And, it's delightful. Well. The husband doesn't like it as much as real rice, but he's coming around slowly but surely.

Saturday: chicken soup. The hubs saw that it was on the menu for girls' night and was a little jealous. I had to add it to our menu as well...

And the baby's meal plan? He tried apples today, and loved them (because who doesn't like apples?). I hope to add some apples to his peas. Kid does not like peas! We now have squash, sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, apples, and banana in the rotation. The next new food will be broccoli (which we will probably have to mix with apples!).

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  1. I love that you guys have girls night. What fun, and what a great help to k. Enjoy linking at that new bundle of joy!

    Why no grains? We don't eat grains (inflammatory and flares my ra). I'm planning on skipping grains for g for awhile. You seem to be as well. How is it going?