Monday, January 14, 2013

Crafting Again

Well, it seems as though I've stumbled upon some time to do some crafting. Not a whole lot, but enough to keep me busy and to keep me entertained.

I picked up a book of patterns from Michael's and, while I love the book thus far, I think I will buy single patterns online from now on. Or just look for the free ones. I've only committed to using two of the 20 patterns in the book, so it really wasn't that worth it.

Long story short, I'm crocheting a sweater. This is quite new to me... I've only ever crocheted hats before. Hats of every color and ... well, I'd like to say pattern, but I was never that ambitious. But now, I'm working on a sweater.

Making the sweater is something I decided to do when we found out our little munchkin was of the male variety. I've never thought boy clothes were as cute as girl clothes, so I decided to make a few of my own. Blue crocheted sweaters included.

As I have not yet made enough progress for the sweater to resemble a sweater, there is still time for advice. Please, please leave a comment with some advice on sweater making and/or crocheting.

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