Saturday, August 24, 2013


I've decided it's time to change the way I meal plan.

In the past, I have chosen things I would like to cook and then gone to the grocery store in search of ingredients. From this day forward, I plan to change the order. I'm going to shop, and then decide what I will be making.

Here's the thing.

I do most of my shopping at a small grocery store, where the prices are ridiculously amazing. But, you can't always find everything. Last week, I had my whole list planned out and was bummed when there were no Brussels sprouts at the store. There were the week before.

Instead of getting frustrated and having to revamp the meal plan, I'm going to give myself a spending limit ($40 per week) to get the necessary items. THEN, I get to create a meal plan from the ingredients I have. No special trips to the store for me.

So. Here is the first meal plan created after shopping:

Sunday: Venison Chili
Monday: Mexican Stuffed Peppers
Tuesday: Orange Chicken with Brown Rice
Wednesday: Crustless Quiche
Thursday: Lime Tilapia
Friday: Roasted Chicken Leg Quarters with Mushrooms & Onions
Saturday: Date Night!

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