Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Four Months

Kid is already 4 months old! I can hardly believe it. The time has sailed by...

I purposely wrote this post today, as I wanted to wait for current baby stats. We had our four month well baby visit yesterday, so I have "official" stats. Of course, both Kid and I cried at the appointment (those shots..they're awful!).

Kid Stats:

Weight: 14 pounds, 15.5 ounces. You're just about 15 pounds, my man! That puts you in the 50th percentile, for a full-term baby at your age. I wonder what it would be for your adjusted age..

Length:  26.25 inches, you tall little man! You're over 2 feet tall, which puts you in the 60th percentile. It appears as though you're a tall, skinny boy.

Head: You, my friend, have a small head. 16.25 inches in circumference, and only the 24th percentile.

Clothing You're still wearing 3 month clothing, although the sleepers are too short for you. 0 to 3 month onesies have been packed away, and the 3 to 6 month ones are out in full force. My favorite outfit for you is a white onesie with a blue shark on it, and green striped pants to match. The pants even have a shark on the butt. They're perfect for Shark Week!

Diapers: Size 2. I'm currently prepping all of our cloth diapers to make the switch. You'll be in cloth most of the week, except when you go to daycare (2 days a week). I'm excited to finally get going on the cloth.

Favorite Food: it's still breast milk. Your doc said we could start cereal in a month in a half, but I'm not sure that's where I want to start... we may start with a veggie (like an avocado!) first.

Favorite Toy: hmm. Your puppy? Finn came home from camp, and you have completely enjoyed cuddles with him. You've also taken a liking to a little blue elephant that sings a song when you pull his trunk.

New Developments: You're working on rolling from your back to your tummy - you seem to get stuck on your side. Although, you don't mind being on your side. You've decided that you don't like to be on your tummy lately, and if you've forgotten how to roll over to your back, you get very mad! You're still drooling a lot (going to start watching for teeth!), blowing spit bubbles and chewing your hands.

Life has been so delightful with you, sweet boy!


  1. Big guy! He is so cute. I am dreading 4 month shots, two wasn't too bad, but she was still pretty newborn sleepy. What kind of diapers did you buy? GJ is starting to wear hers too- although they are a bit big still. We got an assortment of os pocket diapers and one prefold cover to see what we like best. Are you going back to teaching this fall?/will daycare do cloth?

  2. We were given a bunch of Kawaii Baby newborn diapers (pocket diapers). I like them so far (the whole half day that I've used them!) But, he is already on the largest setting (the newborn ones go up to 22 pounds). So, we are going to have to buy some new ones pretty soon. I am going back to teaching this fall - that's going to be an adjustment - and no, daycare won't do cloth... :(

    1. Cool. We have some kawaii diapers too. Cloth is fun. I hope the transition back to school goes well.

  3. Dante is 1 on monday. At 4 months i think he was like 20 pounds. He was a heavy guy. well still is. he never did roll to his tummy i think because he was so big.

    the only shots so far dante reacted to was the 4 month shots, he wasnt a happy camper a couple days after.

    1. Graeme wasn't too happy after these shots, either! 20 pounds at 4 must have gotten so strong carrying him around!