Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mason Jars

Okay, I didn't really use Mason jars for this project.

(They're actually pickle jars)

I cleaned them, and washed them twice, so I promise that they don't smell like pickles!

You've seen the pins, right? The ones with the paint being swirled around a Mason jar?

That's exactly what I did ... and, man. It uses a LOT of paint. I had a few half-full craft paints, and that just didn't cut it. My plan was to have a pink jar and a turquoise jar. But I didn't have enough turquoise paint to cover the entire jar.


So instead, I have a pink jar and a yellow jar.

And I plan to throw the yellow one away. I just don't like it. It's rather transparent. I could add another coat of paint...but the yellow just isn't my style.

Do you like the fake wood desk and fake wood paneling?

I bought more pickles, though. So I can choose another color, and actually like the project.

I guess I'd kind of consider this pin project a bit of a fail. I wasn't happy with the result. Both of the jars have some marks on the inside from clumps of paint. BUT, I will be trying again. With colors that are more my style...

My tip for you, though, should you decide to do this project is this:

Use new paint.

My paint was at least 2 years old. It was all gloppy and gloopy. Please. Use new paint.


  1. Huh, sorry it didn't turn out like you were hoping. I'm sure the next attempt will be better.

  2. They both look great! You could put some pretty white flowers in the yellow one and no one would even notice if its transparent!

  3. You could also throw some pretty ribbon around the yellow one along with some flowers and it will be wonderful!