Monday, March 31, 2014


Y'all know I'm a teacher, right? So when I say "one of my moms" you know that I'm talking about a student's mom, right?

Okay, good. Glad that is cleared up.

One of my moms drinks kombucha every day. Have you heard about kombucha?

I hadn't, until Kid was about 5 months old (when school started). I had read an article or two that mentioned kombucha, but I didn't look into it beyond that.

Then I saw that one of my moms always had a bottle of kombucha with her. So I chatted with her about it. She says that, instead of buying a Starbucks every day, she buys a bottle of kombucha. Yep, it's about $5 per bottle.

And then, it some how got brought up at daycare one day. My daycare lady makes her own kombucha! Say what!?

If you don't know what it is, check out this article.

I'm brewing my own kombucha, kids. The daycare lady gave me a SCOBY, and I'm giving it a go. I don't really know that much about it, though. My husband was a little concerned that it was something for Kid. I reassured him that it was for me; Kid wouldn't be drinking any and I wouldn't make hubs drink any.

So. Here is what I have learned about brewing kombucha:

It is unbelievably easily. I made the tea. Added the SCOBY and starter. Covered the jar with towels. And it's been hands-off ever since.

It's weird. The SCOBY thing? Weird looking! It kind of looks like...chicken? Or a hunk of some sort of meat. But it is white-ish. Interesting.

I have yet to taste it, though. The daycare lady said that it would take a few tries to get it to my preferred taste. She adds fruit to hers. Again, interesting.

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  1. Love kombucha! I have made my own for a couple years. After trying many flavors, I actually like it plain. Just FYI, there is kinda conflicting evidence about whether you should drink it while pregnant or nursing. Before you try it, look into it. I stopped while pregnant and then made a new scoby when g was born, but then after reading about it I am taking a break again until I am done nursing or she is eating lots more real food. If you choose to drink it, start very slow, it is very cleansing. I only drank 4-8 oz a day at my peak. You can look into this too, but I think they recommend like a tablespoon to start and add slowly from there. If you choose not go drink it you can keep your scoby alive until you are ready. Google kombucha hotel, I've never done it, but i should! Good luck! I love it and can't wait to make it again.