Sunday, March 16, 2014

::Dinner Plans #9::

My friends. This is normal one of the posts that I have planned out a few days in advance and is scheduled to publish right away in the morning.
Except today.

It is currently 9:37 PM. I haven't even begun to think about my meal plan for the week, and Sunday is usually the first day of the plan.

You're right. It's one of those weekends. One of those crazy-busy ones, where we've spent almost no time at home. We had breakfast with my parents and sister (and her family). We had dinner with Hubs' parents. We went to church and had brunch with the hubby's sister and her family. Although it was busy, it was a delightful weekend. And Kid had so much cousin time!

And now, I am assessing the contents of my fridge for the dinner plans...

Sunday: Qdoba burritos - buy one get one free!
Monday: Corned Beef & Cabbage (St. Patrick's Day!)
Tuesday: Dinner with Mootzie & Pa
Wednesday: Italian Meatloaf
Thursday: White Wine Chicken Thighs
Saturday: Steak & Sweet Pepper Hash with Eggs

Jessica Lynn Writes


  1. Still looks like a great menu, especially for pulling it together so quickly!

    1. Thanks! I enjoy linking this post up with your Eats post...something I look forward to every week!