Saturday, March 22, 2014

Just Real Quick

I'm checking in from the phone today, with hopes to sit down and actually write a little later.

Kid was up early today, and has just recently become mobile. He's still rockin' the army crawl, but this mama realizes that it is time to baby proof.

Maybe we were supposed to do that when he was born, but you could put him down, turn around, and he'd still be where you put him.

Now, you out him down and he's made it across the room in give seconds.

We've had a gate at the top of our stairs for a couple of years (put it in when we got the pup). But now it's time to plug the unused outlets. Make it near impossible to open drawers and cabinets, anchor some furniture to the walls, and turn down the ol' water heater. 

But here's my question: at what age can you un-baby proof? Cuz some of the baby proofing stuff makes it hard for adults to gain access.

Ooh. Maybe I should baby proof my chocolate so the hubs can't get at it!


  1. We are baby proofing now too. Such a pain! I don't know when you un baby proof... Maybe when your last baby moves out? Good luck!

    1. Hee hee, you're probably right. And if you're anything like my parents...their last baby is about to move out, but they have 3 grandkiddos!

    2. I guess we will be baby proofed forever!