Sunday, July 1, 2012

Price Comparison

Well, mis amigos, I finally made it to the two grocery stores. It took me almost an entire week, but I managed to finally get there!

Here is a picture of my list with the prices from each store. I don't normally type a grocery list, but I have a need to be organized. I sometimes rewrite my grocery list three or four times (maybe I should start typing it!).

Any section of the table that is highlighted in the table is cheaper than the other store.

I find it interesting that Rainbow wasn't always cheaper than Target. In fact, Target was typically cheaper. I totally and completely expected the opposite.

During this experiment, I made sure to write down the regular prices instead of the sale items. The stores didn't have the same items on sale last week, so I didn't think it would be fair to mark down sale prices.

My hypothesis was that Rainbow would be cheaper and that I could quit my local Target. Turns out, Target may be the best way to go. Maybe the shopping gods are telling me that I need to test my will power and only buy what is on the dang shopping list!

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