Saturday, July 28, 2012


Miss Bean, my adorable niece turned two on the 21st of July. How can that be?

It seems like just yesterday, my sister called to let us know that she and her husband were headed into the hospital. Being the close family that we are, we all jumped in the car to be there when the bean was born. Shortly after 5am, we were welcomed back into the room to meet the new addition. Quite the tiny thing she was. Of course, we passed her around the room and snapped tons of pictures.

And now the little lady is two, and she is quite the silly little girl. I love the way she yells "oh man!" and "awesome at the appropriate times. And if the theme song to Dora comes on? Dance away she does!

We celebrated the Bean's birthday at an indoor play place. I, of course, had to get her presents (yes, plural!). Inspired by an old friend's (friend is used loosely, we hung out in a large group of friends throughout high school, but never really got to know each other) goal for a year of handmade gifts, and a particular gift she made for her daughter's friend, I decided making something for Bean was a great idea!

I scoured the internet for a jumbo crayon roll pattern and found this tutorial at Raising Oranges. The only difference between mine and hers is that I used a ribbon closure instead of a binder. And, I can't sew straight.

But all that matters is Miss Bean loved it (and the Dora coloring book). And being handmade makes it even more special. I may not ever be able to do a year of handmade gifts, but it is definitely something I'd like to do more often!

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