Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tender Spot

NaBloPoMo January 2014

Aaaaand, I'm back with another installment of NaBloPoMo, where the theme is pressure.

Day Seven

In Japanese, pressure translates to "tender spot." What are your pressure points?

Am I missing something? Doesn't everyone have the same pressure points? The points on your body that stop bleeding, or can eliminate a headache? The point between your pointer finger and thumb? The place by your nose, at the corner of your eyes?

But let me tell you about two of the things that make me tick (they're silly).

1. Elbows on the table, and other poor manners/eating habits. I grew up in a family that had dinner together every night. And every other Sunday, we made the trek (all of ten minutes) to my grandparents' house for dinner. My mom has always called my grandma (don't worry, it's her mom) a snob, and we were expected to be using our best manners. The threat was that, if we didn't, we'd have to go to Grammy's for dinner weekly by ourselves! Elbows do not belong on the table during dinner. Hats do not belong on the head at the dinner table. Or in my grandma's house. Or in church. Mouths should be closed while chewing. Speaking should not happen while food is in the mouth.

And hold your utensils properly!

2. Toilet paper on the roll incorrectly. The toilet paper should come from the back. And there are two reasons.

Reason Number One: it's easier to tear the paper off the roll with one hand when the toilet paper comes from the back of the roll. It is also easier to tear the toilet paper cleanly, and close to the roll. When it comes from the other side of the roll, you get a lot of extra paper hanging down (to the floor!?!?) when all is said and done.

Reason Number Two: when the toilet paper comes from the back of the roll, kiddos (mostly the little ones) cannot unroll the entire roll of paper. When the toilet paper comes from the top/front of the roll, it only takes a few spins of the roll for all the paper to be on the floor.

Which is no good.

These are a few of my *least* favorite things...

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