Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Admitting Defeat

Well, the time is here to admit defeat to the NaBloPoMo for January of 2014.

I did not post every day. I could not post every day. And, I won't be continuing with the challenge.

It is a really hard challenge!

I've come to realize that I can't put that much pressure on myself (funny that pressure was the theme of this month!).

I may try again with the NaBloPoMo during a summer month, when I'm not hustling my behind to school every day. Except today, when the wind chills are expected to reach 40 below zero. School has been canceled for the safety of our students. This isn't something that happens frequently. I work in the same district from which I graduated. During my life as one of their students, I can count the number of times on one had that schools were closed due to the weather. This year? With these crazy temps...we're on day four of cancellations. It is crazy!

Right now, I'm off to deal with 10 month old temper tantrums. Are those really a thing?!


  1. first of all, i believe in 10 month old temper tantrums! second of all, i commend you for stopping the challenge! I would have definitely given up on my challenge if I didn't have the help of a few guest bloggers! it can take the fun away from blogging, and sometimes the content is compromised if you're just forced to hit "publish" once a day! i cant believe how cold it is!! hang in there :)

    Lindsay @ Wedding Rings to Teething Rings

    1. Those temper tantrums are crazy! We've learned that they usually stem from Kid being hungry... The baby shows signs of being "hangry" already!

  2. Ok first off, LOVE your blog re-design!
    Second, January SUCKS BUTT in Chicago so I can only imagine the crapsicles you got going on up NORTH.
    Third- NaBloPoMo is haaard.
    No worries.

    1. NaBloPoMo is SUPER hard! I commend anyone that has completed a month of posting every day!

      I'm pretty happy with the blog re-design...Did most of it through PicMonkey (LOVE that site) Learned about it from you, so a BIG THANK YOU for that!