Monday, February 10, 2014

Loving Winter

Fortunately for me, I love snow. It's a good thing because Minnesota has quite a bit of it. And a fresh snow is beautiful!

My girlfriends and I recently went snowshoeing around the neighborhood. We, of course, went on the warmest day of the weekend. Temperatures got above 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Can you believe it!? It was like a heat wave.

We layered up and headed down the trail. We took a left where we normally take a right, just to explore something new.

And upon our return, we made hot chocolate, coffee, and tea (oh, the joys of the single serve coffee maker). A nice, warm beverage is always necessary after any outdoor winter event!


  1. Replies
    1. You don't know how true that is! Winter activities are not complete if hot cocoa is not included!

  2. Looks like fun, but cold! I'm such a wimp now.

    1. So much fun! But it was one of the few "warm" days we've had lately. Except today! It feels so nice out today!