Sunday, November 10, 2013

Weekly Meal Plan

It's that time again. Time for a meal plan.

I feel like I've been pretty wishy-washy about the meal plans as of late.

Wasn't it just a month or two ago that I decided to change them up and create the meal plan after the grocery shopping?

Well. With the school year in full swing, that isn't working. Dinner isn't getting made without a trip or two to the grocery store.

Needless to say, I'm back to my "old school" way of making a meal plan and then shopping.

(We'll see how long this lasts...)

Sunday: homemade chicken soup (so excited for soup season!)
Monday: white wine chicken thighs & warm spinach salad
Tuesday: ginger chicken stir fry
Wednesday: breakfast burgers & sweet potato hash
Thursday: salmon packets
Friday: DATE NIGHT! (we're going out to dinner!)
Saturday: Creamy Chicken Casserole

And there you have it, my friends. Dinners for the week. Look for a couple of the recipes to show up on my {receats} page in the near future!

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