Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Seven Months

My little man is seven months old.

I cannot believe how time has flown by.

SEVEN months! I'm just skipping the six month update. Sorry, bud.

At seven months you...

...weigh a lot and are quite long. We don't have exact stats, as you won't be back to the doctor until January (as a nine month old!). Your hair is still pretty non-existent (I think you get that from your mama!). Your legs are as chunky as can be.

...have two teeth. Your bottom chompers cut through a week or two ago. So stinkin' cute. Your sleep/life wasn't thrown too out of whack while those teeth came in. We'll see how the next ones go!

...experienced your first Halloween! We dressed you as Bam Bam Rubble. Daddy and I went as Barney and Betty Rubble. You enjoyed sitting in your stroller while trick-or-treating at Mootzie and Pa's house with Ava and Jacob. to jump! You would probably be content if we left you in your jumper all day.

...are STILL working on sitting up and rolling from your back to your tummy. This is when I need to remind myself that you got here six weeks early. You'll roll over eventually. You'll sit up unsupported, too.

...LOVE sweet potatoes and kabocha squash. Your cousin's grandpa grew the squash and gave us some to puree into food for you. It's probably your favorite. We held off on the solid foods until you were six months old. We started with sweet potato and skipped rice cereal all together. You've loved the squash. Next up: avocado, beans, and peas. We will then be introducing you to some yummy fruits.

...sat in a pumpkin!

You're our pride and joy, little buddy. We love you for always, baby boy.

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