Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Step By Step Nursery: Mobile

Way back when I was newly pregnant, I began searching Pinterest and Houzz for nursery inspiration. Mostly, I was looking for a color scheme or a theme. Something to guide my projects. The hubs and I decided on some colors, a stripe pattern, and the fact that we didn't want an overbearing theme that would take over the entire room.

We I decided upon a diaper storage solution that I knew would be a hit, but I knew we needed a little bit more.

Then, it all came together. I had been having this feeling that I would give birth a day early (wow, was I wrong). I thought for sure that I would give birth on May 14th. The anniversary of my Boppa's death. Because I was sure that Kid would be born then, I wanted to honor Boppa in some way. I wanted to create some sort of connection between Boppa and Kid, mostly because I knew that Kid would be born on the anniversary of Boppa's death.

I had the perfect idea! I mobile of P-38s. My Boppa was a pilot during World War II. He flew P-38s. Isn't he a handsome Boppa?

Kid had to have P-38s in his room. And the mobile was the perfect place.

The mobile is hanging over his diaper pail. I didn't want to put it over his crib or the changing table. It is far to heavy. Each airplane is metal...and they're kind of heavy. I would hate for a plane to fall and hit the baby. So. Over the diaper pail, in the corner of the room. Away from where the baby (or anyone) will hang out.

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