Friday, June 8, 2012

Project: Organize #?

I haven't organized anything in a really long time, which is a bummer. I get such a sense of accomplishment after organizing a part of my life.

I do, however, have an idea for what I would like my next Project: Organize project to be. Project: Organize #1 was a huge success. I truly enjoy the new look of my pantry. It has made cooking that much more enjoyable. Project: Organize #2 was also pretty awesome, but not as fun to complete.

For Project: Organize #3, I would like to complete the office. The one that is filled with all of our "stuff." The one that has an almost empty closet, but a door that doesn't open all the way. To fix this, we really do just need to organize.

Good thing it is my last day of work for the summer and my projects can begin!

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  1. Hi Lizzy! Thanks for the question on my blog, I couldnt respond to your email directly so I am commenting here, hope thats ok!
    I am a little OCD about things and although I have been assured it is ok to put frozen food in the crockpot, I feel as though it wouldnt be cooked enough or that you would have to adjust the cooking time and then I would mess it up and again, not cooked long enough. :) So its me, but I am sure it is just fine to do. I would, however, cook frozen chicken in a recipe in the oven just not sure about the slow cooker. Love your blog btw and am becoming one of your first followers because I see your potential and I know how exciting it is to get new followers! I hope you keep reading my blog!