Friday, June 29, 2012

My $3 Centerpiece

Yesterday I was given a 100 dollar bill to "play" with. I was overjoyed, in fact, I think I smiled for an hour. What a wonderful gift!

So far, I have spent $3. It was awesome, but it was also a little bit sad to break the Benjamin so easily and so quickly. I spent it at the dollar store, so it wasn't that bad. And, I was able to make a wonderfully patriotic centerpiece for the 4th of July (even though we won't be here!).

I saw this balloon weight right away and thought it looked pretty neat.

My original thought was to put it in a tall vase with some "pebbles" I already had at home. After a few more minutes of wandering the aisle of the dollar store, I found this glass...I don't know, is it considered a bowl? dish? I also saw that they had some of the pebbles I had at home, but in blue. How fantastic!

Assembling the center piece was easy-peasy. I found the clear tea light holders in my bin of supplies that I had purchased for figuring out wedding centerpieces. The red ones were part of a housewarming gift from my godmother. They usually spend their time lined up on top of the toilet tank, but I think I like this look better:

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