Monday, June 25, 2012

Adios, amigo.

It's time for me to say goodbye to one of my favorite places. I have looked over the bank statements from the last few months (well, I looked at the account information online) and realized that my husband and I were spending WAY too much money at Target.

I love the place. I really do. It has everything. Target is where I do almost all of my shopping. Groceries. Clothing. It's my pharmacy. And, (I sort of hate to admit this) it's a place I like to go when my mind won't stop racing. I wander the aisles of Target in search of nothing, but manage to leave having spent $20 (on a good day).

But, the amount of money spent at that one establishment is crazy. I usually go to Target with lists, and I buy everything on the list. And then some. There's always something else I want (not need, just want). Like new nail polish. Or a new kitchen gadget (I love kitchen gadgets, by the way).

I usually only stop at Target when I am in need of some groceries. So, I'm changing. I'm saying adios to Target groceries. I have the totally awesome Target debit card, so I have always done my shopping there to save 5%. After wandering the aisle of my local Rainbow Foods in search of Mexican pop, I realized that the prices on some of the things at Rainbow were a lot cheaper. Cucumbers, for example, are 10 cents cheaper at Rainbow. And milk? Fifty cents cheaper!

But what about the 5% off at Target for using their card?

Well. 5% really isn't that much. The cucumbers are still less expensive at Rainbow. My plan for the day (since I only have a tutoring gig today at noon) is to write up my weekly grocery list and head to both Target and Rainbow. I will not buy anything at either store today. My only job is to write down the prices of my most frequently purchased items. I'll factor in the 5% discount at Target and decide from there.

Well, now that I've created a challenge for myself, I guess I can't really say goodbye to Target quite yet... I guess we'll have to see what happens...

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  1. OMG this made me laugh! First I was worried that you were saying Adios to blogging!! Whew!! I totally get this.....thank God my Target is not conviently (sp) located or I would be in the exact same situation my friend. Damn you Target! DAMN YOU!

    Worst case scenario?

    We could get jobs there and get the discount.
    If we lived closer that would be sooo cool...we would never get anything done. :)