Thursday, June 21, 2012

Date Night

I was given a $40 gift card to Houlihan's by a few coworkers a few months ago, so that my husband and I could enjoy a night out (thanks coworkers!).

I got home last night from my summer job and realized that the hubs did not take the chicken out of the freezer that morning. This was totally fine by me, I didn't want to cook anyway.

To Houlihan's we went. We got a Pepsi and strawberry lemonade (delish!). The towels they served us at the end of the meal were warmer than our food. And the food itself was mediocre at best. But I'm not writing this post because I am upset about the less-than-perfect service we had at the restaurant. Or the cold and bland fajitas.

I'm writing this post because of this post over at "The Good." It helped me to realize how lovely our date night was.

We talked the night away. We talked about Finn, about my summer job, his summer job. We talked about the dreams for our house, about having kids. We looked into each other's eyes (corny, I know). We enjoyed each other's company.

And when we got home? We took Finn for a nice long walk around the park. It was a wonderful end to a beautiful evening. Thanks to Sara from The Good for helping me to realize it!

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  1. Aww date nights are the best. 10 years and 2 kids later and we still do a monthly date night to fall in love all over again. :)