Saturday, April 12, 2014

Check In

How has a week flown by without posting?

Every night I thought, I really should pull out the computer and get working on a post or two. And then I thought, why wasn't I organized over spring break and schedule posts?

But I was just too tired. Fall asleep on the couch at 8pm tired.

As you can tell, transitioning back to work after a week off was rough on me this time around.

Kid and I did get out a few times this week for a walk around the neighborhood. I should have brought Finn with me, but I am still traumatized from the one time I tried to take the dog and the baby on a walk in the stroller almost a year ago (Kid was just a month old).

It did not go well. There was another dog off leash. Friendly as can be, but Finn just wanted to play. I just wanted to walk. And, Finn was kind of a cruddy leash walker at the time. He's gotten better. Maybe it's time I try again.

We had Kid's birthday party last weekend. It was so wonderful. I can't wait to get that post finished and published. Kid loved it -- until he got really hangry. Poor guy was so hungry. He just wanted to eat. Once his belly was full, he was back to his happy self. But, man.

And there's the end of nap time. Just wanted to check in and say, hey! I'm still here!

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  1. I know the fear of walking two dogs and a baby. One of our dogs is not friendly to other dogs. I have done it a handful of times, but I much prefer walking with hubs.