Friday, April 18, 2014

A Beautiful Friday

Oh, sweet joy, was today a good day.
I'm kind of surprised I just typed that, because Kid was a pill and a half.

Both hubs and I had the day off from work today. We had big plans to organize the garage and do all of the laundry before the weekend, because Kid would be at daycare. Unfortunately, daycare was closed (and is closed on Monday, too). Instead, we did some light cleaning, and hung out with the baby (one year old). The main event was our first family bike ride.

Last year, we purchased a Chariot to fulfill our need for adventure. Okay, we're not super adventurous, but we like being outside and being active. And today was the perfect day to venture out with the kid and the dog.

So, we decided to see what the pup would do if we did some "bike-jouring" instead of skijouring. Of course, the hubs did quite a bit of work, as we didn't want to overwork Finn. He's a small dog. Pulling hubs, the Chariot, and the baby would be tough! That's a lot of weight to haul around. So, the hubby pedaled and biked the whole way. But Finn, oh my sweet Finn, loved it so much.

We felt like middle school kiddos as we biked to our local general store to buy a candy bar.
That we shared down by the lake.

Our stop at the general store was a necessary one. The pup was hot. He's funny. He doesn't get tired. He only needs a break when he gets hot. After a quick drink of water, he's back at it.

My little mister was not feeling the greatest (which is why he was a pill today). We were guessing ear infection, but his ears looked good at the doctor's office this evening. He also went to bed rather early this evening - we'll see how tomorrow goes.

Once we got to the lake, we let Kid explore to his little heart's desire. After a half hour, we had to be on our way, and Kid was not pleased. He could have stayed out there for hours and hours.

We then took the long way home, which was so much fun! Our neighborhood, and those surrounding, have a wonderful system of trails. While some may not be in the best condition, there are miles and miles of interconnected trails. In all ten miles of biking, we had to cross one road. We went under a few, but didn't even have to spend time riding next to the roads.

Today's day off was a wonderful one. It makes me excited for summer and more time to explore our neighborhood and enjoy the outdoors with our Nature Boy!


  1. Mn had the best trails. I heard it was because they turned old railroad track into trails. Have you ever heard that?

  2. Oh and I hope your little guy feels better soon.

    1. He seems to feel a bit better, but we will see throughout the course of the day.

      That's interesting about the old railroad tracks! I've never heard that, but I would definitely believe it! There is a great trail in in front of my grandparents house and I know that it used to be a railroad track ... Could definitely be true!