Sunday, October 13, 2013

Weekly Meal Plan!?

That's right, my friends.

I'm back at it!

I made it through parent/teacher conferences alive, and finally feel as though I have some time on my hands to do some blogging.

So, I thought I'd start with a meal plan.

Sunday (tonight): Venison Chili
Monday: family dinner
Tuesday: White Wine Chicken Legs
Wednesday: Grilled Salmon
Thursday: Homemade Chicken Soup
Friday: Hot Pepper Stir Fry
Saturday: Zuchinni Carrot Soup

Tuesday's and Saturday's meals are creations that I've never tried. Experimental meals. I haven't looked for recipes. I plan to make them up as I go. Well, not really as I go, since I've already begun to think about them. If they turn out, I will definitely share!

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