Monday, July 22, 2013

Cucumber Vodka

Ah, Pinterest.

I spend many an hour on Pinterest.

This cucumber recipe is probably one of the first Pinterest "projects" I have completed.

I finally made the move because I bought these fabulous Weck carafes from Crate & Barrel. They've been sitting on my kitchen counter, waiting to be used. I had re-pinned a "recipe" for cucumber water and decided that'd be perfect for the carafes.

Okay, side note. When I find something on Pinterest, am I supposed to make a link to the pin, or go directly to the original site and link to that? I just don't know... Anyway, this is the website of the pin. If I'm supposed to link to the pin, let me know!

So, I sliced my cucumbers (well, I peeled them first) and loaded them up in to the two Weck carafes. I filled one with water and stuck it in the fridge.

I went a little crazy with the other one...and filled it with vodka!

Supposedly the water will be ready in 2 to 24 hours....I'm excited!

Everything I've read about infused vodka says to wait 3 or more days. We're having some friends over for dinner on Thursday. I think that is the perfect time to try the cucumber vodka with a little tonic and lime.

What do you think?
this one is vodka -- the cucumbers
floated in the water
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*UPDATE* The cucumber vodka was delightful! I maybe left the cucumbers in the vodka for a day too long, but it was still a refreshing drink! (7/26/2013)

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  1. Yum ! will feature this on my mondays next post!