Thursday, July 4, 2013

Already an Expert

I feel as though I can call myself an expert in traveling with un bebé.

That's right. We're traveling again (have we even been home for a week yet? (no)).

This time, we're on our way to Omaha, Nebraska. It will be the little man's first time out of the state, and I am not letting myself pack nearly as much as I did for the last trip.

Here are some things I've learned through this month of traveling with the peanut:

1. Pack a lot of clothes for the kid. They're needed. Long sleeves, short sleeves, pants, and shorts.

2. Don't pack too many clothes for the kid. They won't be used. No need for a million onesies per day. Just not necessary.

3. Bring the comfort of home. Bring the Boppy pillow. Bring the Sleep Sack. Bring the noise machine. You'll need them. Well, maybe your kid isn't as fussy / particular as mine is at this point in his life. But those comforts of home have been life saving.

4. Leave stuff at home. You don't need everything. The kid will make it with or without the super soft blanket that is always in his crib (I'm sure I'll be singing a different tune when the boy is a bit older!).

Those are my tips for traveling with the baby. Very clear and concise:

Pack a lot, but don't pack a lot at the same time!

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