Sunday, August 12, 2012

Exercise Update

I thought I'd give you all an update on my exercising/5K training.

I have registered for a local 5K and have exactly two weeks left to prepare. Since I was out of town last week, I didn't do any running. I did go on a few walks and took part in quite a few water sports, but no running (jogging).

I woke up early enough this morning to go for a run. Being that I'm new at this game, I decided running on a treadmill at the community center was the best idea. I would be able to track my time and my distance, since I don't have one of those fancy GPS runner's watches (yet?).

While getting reading this morning, I contemplated my goal for the day. I decided that a decent goal would be to complete, by either running or running and walking, 2 miles. I would judge how much of it I was to run after a few minutes of running, so I could gauge how I was feeling.

After all was said and done, I ran 1.25 miles without stopping and walked the rest! I was (and still am) pleased with myself. You see, I've always hated running without a purpose (for example, after a soccer ball), but I know it is the best way for me to get back into shape. So running I will do.

And after today's run? I felt amazing. Tired, yes. A little sore? Not too bad, but yes. Accomplished? Yes. Wonderful? Yes. Like I can do this 5K in two weeks? Yes.

If I can run a 5K without walking, I may have to buy myself a present. Shoes are a fabulous present!

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