Sunday, August 26, 2012

3.1 and Done!

Hello my friends! It's a lovely, albeit cloudy, Sunday in Minnesota and I finished my 5K.

It's the second one I've done, but the first one I actually enjoyed. The first was nearly a year ago, on a trail in a Minnesota state park. My friend won that race with flying colors, and informed us all that it was actually 3.3 miles, instead of the actual 5K length of 3.1. What!? They made me run farther? Ugh, we weren't so pleased...

This race, though, was great! I made a goal for myself to run at least the first whole mile, then could walk as needed. I ended up only walking during mile 2, which was a great accomplishment. It felt so good, and I feel as though I may have changed as a runner (er, jogger). While running in the past, I would set small goals for myself: I'm going to run for a half mile, walk for a quarter, then run another half for example. During the run, though, I'd get bored after a quarter mile and walk for a mile. I wasn't holding myself accountable.

Today, though? Today, I did it. I set goals and I accomplished them. I used landmarks, instead of distances. If I run through mile 1, I can walk whenever I please (check). If I make it to that lamppost/bridge/retaining wall, I can walk (check). Run the last 1.1 miles (check). Maybe, just maybe, I turned over a new leaf as a jogger.

It feels good to be done, and I am excited for the next race in September.

Here's a shot of my post-race nap with the puppy-boy (we had to be in the parking ramp by 6am...that's early for a teacher during the summer!):

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  1. Aww congrats!!! This is a great picture! I am running my first 5k in two weeks!