Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday Love

Tuesday may be one of my favorite nights of the week. Not days, but nights. Tuesday daytime is okay... Monday is over, it's almost Wednesday. But it's still Tuesday. And sometimes? Sometimes I think Tuesday is harder on a five year old than Monday is.

But, Tuesday night? Tuesday night is so wonderfully amazing! I see my girls. There are seven of us from high school that hang out on a weekly basis. We rotate homes and take turns making dinner for each other. Does everyone make it? No. In fact, I missed the last 2 Tuesdays. And sometimes the gathering is really small. There were three of us tonight.

I made spaghetti with homemade sauce with an Italian Balsamic grape seed salad. One friend brought the red wine, another the bread. We dined and discussed life.

We talked about husbands and significant others. We talked about the upcoming elections. We talked about work. We touched on important topics, we chatted about the unimportant. But the topic of conversation isn't what matters.

No, what matters is that I still see these beautiful women quite frequently. These women that I met years years ago (I met one of them 21 years ago!). These women that are six of the most important women in my life.

And when there is a lull in conversation, as there often is among close friends, a certain puppy-boy entertained us by bringing all of the pillows out to the living room.

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