Sunday, October 21, 2012

Big, Gaping Hole

When we bought our house, the previous owners had taken and/or sold everything. Including the kitchen sink. There was no microwave, no fridge, no range. No dishwasher (although there was a space for it, thank God!). No water softener, no washer, no dryer. Shower heads were missing. And the kitchen sink really was gone, too. It's like that old phrase, "everything but the kitchen sink," only opposite: "everything including the kitchen sink."

Right before closing, an oven/stove and double sink were purchased and installed for us. We lucked out, too, with other appliances. An uncle got a new washer and dryer, we got their old ones. My parents had a fridge in their basement for us to take. We got a dishwasher for Christmas. We spent a whopping $150 on appliance, so we could have a microwave. But there was still a gaping hole between the fridge space and the range. It was as though someone had taken a piece of the countertop and base cabinet. Unless the previous owners had a beautifully large range.

But, for over a year, we lived with the empty space. First, we used it as a storage space for pop and water. Then, we moved the garbage can and recycling bin to that area. We had hoped, someday, to find a base cabinet that would fit so we could better conceal our garbage bin.

Well, my friends. That day was today. In all of our trips to the Home Depot since we've been homeowners, we finally decided to wander down the cabinetry aisle today and were shocked at the price of a single base cabinet. Hubs and I were expecting to drop a couple hundred dollars on one cabinet at some point. Today was not going to be that day; there are other things that are a bit higher on the list of priorities.

The prices shocked us. Under $100 for a 15 inch base cabinet? Are you kidding me!? Sold. Right then and there.

We bought that cabinet right up and brought it home. It's currently resting between the oven and the fridge, without a countertop. It doesn't match the rest of our cabinets (they were custom cabinets), and quite frankly, I do not care. That space is filled. We no longer look at the garbage can and recycling bin. And it is white (the future color of all of our cabinetry in the kitchen). And, we're getting a piece of butcher block for the countertop in the next couple of days.

I am one happy chica.

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