Sunday, February 8, 2015

Pregnant 2.0

Life has been beautifully busy lately. The weather has been ... interesting, to say the least, so we have spent a lot of time outdoors (away from screens, hence the lack of posting). While I most definitely miss the piles and piles of snow we usually have, this has been an okay winter for it to be MIA. Being that I'm 32 weeks pregnant, I can't exactly go out and enjoy my typical winter activities.

Snowboarding is a no.
Skijoring is also a no.
Cross country skiing is a maybe, but it'd have to be the "classic" style and not skate, which is more fun.
We are even rethinking our tree tapping this year.

Now that I have this all written out, we'll probably get dumped on. Or, we will get all of our snow in March and April.

I've made it to 32 weeks pregnant and this little peanut is growing and kicking right along! My closest girlfriend is 2 weeks ahead of me - it has been so fun to compare notes.

So what's different about being pregnant a second time?

1. Movement. I noticed this little lady move earlier than I noticed Kid. Most likely because I was more in tune with what I was supposed to be feeling. With Kid, I always thought, "ooh! movement!" and then it was gas.

2. Body changes. I look really pregnant. I have for awhile now. I like to call in muscle memory. It wasn't that long ago that I was pregnant with Kid. My body remembered exactly what to do: spread out, get bigger, change. I'm not upset by this, but I do know I will have a lot of work to do post-delivery.

3. Exhaustion. Don't get me wrong. I was tired when I was pregnant the first time. But I definitely noticed the second trimester energy. I don't think I have had much energy this entire pregnancy. I've spent it all chasing around a toddler! And he's almost two. I can't believe it. Needless to say, I have definitely been taking advantage of his weekend naps and getting a little shut eye for myself!

4. Emotions. Maybe it's because I'm growing a girl this time around, but my emotions have been all over the place. Hubs and I were talking about car seats and I started crying thinking about how #2 would be in a car seat that isn't rated as well as Kid's. Tears. Big crocodile tears. Over a car seat. And a car seat "issue" we won't have to deal with until #2 is two. Really!?

5. Preparations. I've been more prepared this time around. My hospital bag is half-packed. I went to the hospital while in labor with Kid and didn't have a hospital bag (thank God for sisters!). I have things in place at work that make me feel okay leaving tomorrow if needed. We have bitty newborn sized clothing hanging in the closet, all ready to go.

What differences did you notice between your pregnancies?

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