Thursday, February 12, 2015

Just Some Life...

I'm packing a hospital bag for the first time. My last pregnancy ended six weeks early with the arrival of Kid. We rushed off to the hospital with nothing more than what was on our backs and a camera (at least I thought of that!). My older, wiser sister ran to my house and grabbed a few items for my hospital bag.

I'm also noticing that my belly button is pretty dang close to popping out. Yikes! This is also a new experience for me.

We are just under a week away from when I went into labor last time, and I'm really hoping this little peanut stays put. Hopefully, she will join us at the end of March or very beginning of April.

We went in for an ultrasound Saturday night to "check on things." And they wouldn't let me leave until I talked to my doctor. She put me on pelvic rest (Happy Valentine's Day!) and gave me orders to sit as much as possible. Ugh. We go back in to the clinic soon to "discuss."

And I am worried. About so many things. Preterm labor. The NICU. Bed rest. Work. Finances. There are so many things to think about. My sister has been reminding me that I need not worry about anything until the appointment. I've composed a list of questions, that will provide so many answers. I want to be at my appointment now, though. I don't want to wait an hour.

In other news, I'm realizing that Kid will be 2 before I know it. And the mom guilt in me is feeling like I should be planning his second birthday. I have a few themes to choose from: balls (namely, golf), Elmo, or tractors. I lean toward Elmo or tractors. Because I am almost positive he will have a sports themed birthday later in life. But I don't think I want to add any more stress to my life at the moment. Not that I really have that much stress to begin with, but I know my doctor will tell me to eliminate as much as possible.

If you're the praying type, or you send positive vibes, send some my way. My goal is to keep this peanut in for another month. March 16th is my goal.

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