Monday, February 16, 2015

Now What?

I'm 33 weeks and my uterus is thinning. Sorry if that grosses you out, but it's the truth.

And I was just put on bed rest.

I have another doctor's appointment this afternoon to get the nitty-gritty, but for now, I'm mostly bothered by the fact that I cannot lift anything. Including Kid. That's the only thing that has made me cry thus far.

Hubs is most worried about having to do the grocery shopping.

Of course, we are worried about our baby girl, but we know that this move is the best thing for her. No more hours of standing and moving from me, just rest. Rest, rest, rest. And that is what little miss needs. Her mama to rest and not stress.

I should have been more prepared for this, being that Kid was six weeks early. But it was unexpected. I cried on the phone to my doctor. I love my doctor. She's so patient and understanding.

But now, this first morning of bedrest, I am done being sad about it. I am moving on to being happy and relaxed. A girlfriend is bringing me a stack of books. Another is bringing a few dinners to throw in the freezer.

I'm going to relax while I'm stuck at home and think about how this girl is getting more time to grow and develop. Because that is what we want. A healthy, even if she's a bit early, baby girl.

Maybe this will give me time to stock upon sleep for those early months (ha!).


  1. Rest and TRY to relax during these last few weeks of having only one child.
    Savor it.
    And enjoy those books!

    1. Thanks Kari! I am definitely tying to enjoy my forced relaxation! :-)