Thursday, May 15, 2014

Vehicle Day

A few weeks ago, my sister and I took the kiddos to Big Vehicle Day at our local shopping center. For those of you in the Twin Cities - we were at Southdale. Apparently, the have a Vehicle Day every year. The drivers of different vehicles arrive at the mall parking lot and set up their rigs in one corner. Macy's provided free water and sugar cookies. There was a trailer for mini donuts in one corner, a port-a-potty in the other. And between all of that? A dump truck. A fire truck. A school bus. A city bus. A zamboni. And everything in between.

I'm already excited for next year. Kid will be a year older, and will (most likely) be even more interested in big trucks!

And the best part? Okay. Two parts.

1. Kid was worn out. Nap time was fabulous that day!

2. This event was FREE!

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