Sunday, May 4, 2014

::Dinner Plans #16::

This weekend got a way from me, fast! I cannot believe that it is already nap time on Sunday morning. Kid has been sleeping for an hour and a half, and I have been running around like crazy cleaning the house, folding laundry, getting in a shower, and just relaxing!

I love Sunday.

I don't love that I have 7 posts in my draft folder that need my attention. I need to start scheduling some time each week, away from work and away from home, to blog. I really want to share these posts with you, but I don't want to publish them until they are at their finest.

We had a great weekend. Our local shopping center hosted it's free (yay!) Big Vehicle Day yesterday, and Kid was in heaven! A post on that (full of pictures!) is in the works.

But on to the dinner plans. Last week was a huge success! I loved the sesame beef and broccoli. And the chicken verde lettuce wraps were phenomenal. We had enough leftovers for a couple of days worth of lunch.

Sunday: Today is my grandpa's 85th birthday, so we will be having dinner over there. I'm bringing zuchinni and carrots to grill.

Monday: Chicken Soup. There will be noodles on the side for the hubs, but I plan to add in a lot of vegetables so as to not need noodles.

Tuesday: Take-out. The hubs and I both work late on Tuesdays, and Kid stays with my parents. We'll each grab our own take out. Hubs will probably head for McDonald's. I'll aim for something a little healthier, but it's hard with take out!

Wednesday: Dutch Oven Roasted Chicken. I found a great recipe for chicken from the Pioneer Woman, so I suppose I'll follow that. The best thing about cooking a whole chicken, though, is that you can add whatever seasonings you'd like! We'll have mashed cauliflower on the side, along with a fresh salad or some steamed vegetables.

Thursday: Dinner with the in-laws. Who knows what we will have!?

Friday: Burgers topped with mushrooms and spinach - maybe even some slices of avocado?

Saturday: Pheasant Tortilla Soup. We have some birds to eat, and we're still looking for our go-to pheasant soup recipe.

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  1. looks like a tasty week over there! I know what you mean about having to find time to blog; I hope you find time to finish those drafts!