Monday, March 19, 2012


This afternoon, my husband and I made some purchases to finalize our Bearded Dragon set-up. We just got two Bearded Dragon babies (but that is a completely different story--another post) and thought that the equipment we were given was going to be enough. It wasn't, so we made some purchases and began set-up.

In the middle of set-up, my brother called to inform us that his plane had finally landed. We packed a few things up and headed to the airport to drop him off at my parents' house. On our way home there were severe thunderstorm warnings throughout the metro area. I was concerned--and beginning to question our competence as homeowners--about the kitchen window that was left open in the downpour.

As I headed to the garage door, for some reason or another, my husband walked out of the garage to look in the yard. He came back in as I opened the garage door and noticed the wet mess on the entryway floor.

"The front door is open," I heard from behind me. What the #*%%?!

We had 60 mile an hour winds and an unlocked front door. The wind forced the door open and allowed in all of the rain, tree bark and other messy crap.

Really, should we have bought a home? I'm not so sure...

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