Sunday, March 18, 2012

Another Moment...

In all honesty, I thought I would have one or two, maybe three moron moments a year. Well. It's March and I think I'm on number two. But I may have already lost count. Ugh.

My latest moron moment wasn't just me. The husband was an assistant. We have been collecting sap from our silver maple trees. With the odd weather, we didn't expect to get any sap, but we have collected a bit. Well, enough to warrant our trekking through the yard each morning to collect and refrigerate the sap.

Thursday was the day of the moron moment. We decided to head out to collect at 6:45, after having had breakfast and about ready to leave for work.

I close the front door behind me. Husband and I look at each other and think, "Oh, shit. The door is locked." Then one of us, I think it was me? says, "We'll go in through the garage." No biggie. We collected a LOT of sap that morning. Well, I guess it was only 40 ounces, which only makes an ounce of syrup. But still. For expecting nothing, it was a lot.

We made our way to the garage and punched in the code. Garage door open, we can get in the house. Hooray!

But, no. Because we are safe, we lock the deadbolt on the door that goes from the house to the garage. And we didn't unlock it on our way out this morning.

And because it's the morning, we don't have our keys with us. Nor do we have our phones.

CRAP. The husband tries everything to get in the door. I take off every screen and attempt to get in each window I could access. No luck. We are too safe and ensure that everything is locked. And, indeed, it was. Every single window. Every single door (all four of them).

With my head hung, I brought my husband a hammer. A few swings later, our (ugly) front door had a busted window and were inside. We swept up the glass, taped up the door and headed to work. 

After the work day, we headed to Menard's (how lucky to have seen their weekly ad, with entry doors on sale!) to buy a door. We had to stop at my sister's to borrow her minivan (nice ride!) and gathered all of the supplies for our new project.

Two? Three? Four hours later? We had a new front door (one I actually liked!) and a key hidden in the case that we lock ourselves out again (believe you me, this is not the first time we've been locked out). We also made some extra to distribute to parents and a nearby friend.

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