Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Bigs & Littles

Once again, I joined the Bigs & Littles party happening over at Southern Beauty Guide. This was my second time, and it was just as good as the first.


If you're not familiar with it, bloggers get paired up depending on their size and reach. A big blogger (not me!) is paired with a small blogger (definitely me) to talk shop and learn a few things.

My first time around, I was paired with Brittany of Everyday Thoughts. It was so wonderful to get to know her via email and through our blogs. She really helped me to realize that I truly can make this space whatever I want. And! She just announced that she is pregnant with number 2. I can't wait to follow along with her pregnancy and life stories!

This year, I was paired with Rebekah of Blue Giraffes & Concrete Jungles. Truth be told, it was really hard to connect with Rebekah at first. Not because she was hard to talk to, or unapproachable. No. She was the opposite. We just quickly realized that our schedules were exact opposites. While she had more @free time" (I put it in quotes because that was when her kiddos were at school - there was still work to be done!) during the day, I was booked solid until after bed time. Teaching during the day, and a husband that often works evenings, made it difficult to connect.

But then! I was put in bed rest. Suddenly, I had nothing to do. Rebekah and unconnected a lot over email, but it was so nice to talk with her face to face. No, not in person. That would have been cool. If only I could afford and impromptu trip to New York! We spoke via FaceTime.

It was perfect and I feel that I learned so much. I even made myself a few goals to work on over the next couple of weeks from our conversation.

1. Leave a meaningful comment on at least one blog a day. I'm keeping this one small because I do not want to go to any ol' blog and leave a generic comment. No. I want to find posts that really speak to me and leave a meaningful comment.

2. Become more actively involved in the Minneapolis blogging scene. There are a lot of great bloggers in the metro area and I need to put myself out there. Meet up with some of the amazing women that I first met at the MN Bloggers Meet Up. 

3. Advertise. I've known that I've needed to do this for awhile. In fact, Beittany and I talked about it, too. But for some reason, I just haven't committed to it. Now is definitely the time. 

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