Thursday, November 27, 2014

\\Thankful Thursday: Vol. 12//

Thanksgiving is here, and I felt the need to bring Thankful Thursday back. There's so much to be thankful for, and Thanksgiving is a fabulous time to reflect.

1. As always, I'm thankful for my family. My parents watch Kid two days a week and he is so loved by them. My mom always has words of wisdom for when I complain about my body, my job, my cranky kid. Dad gives the best dad-hugs and sometimes you just need a dad-hug. My sister and brother are the best - always there for me. Especially when I need fashion advice. Sister always has fabulous tips for me. Brother has perfected Kid's wardrobe (we all have him to thank for Kid's adorable Christmas outfit).

2. My job. It's been really busy this year, but I'm loving it. I'm feeling like a new teacher again, in that there is always something to do, but I am sick of doing the same thing year after year. It was definitely time for some change! The kids I work with are delightful, and my coworkers make going to work even more fun. While I will complain from time to time, I do look forward to going to work.

3. A teacher's schedule. I love my schedule. Yes, I bring work home every night. Not correcting, but stuff to prep - cut, staple, draw, etc. I don't get to it until after Kid goes to bed and it takes a long time. But, I have a teacher's schedule. I have a break in the fall, a break for Thanksgiving. A winter break, a spring break. While we can't afford for my to stay home (my real dream job), I get the best of both worlds. I go to a job that I love during the school year. On breaks and during the summer, I get to be a stay at home mom. It's wonderful.

4. Cash Money. Don't get me wrong. We aren't rolling in dough. Even a little bit. We live on a tight budget. But, we are comfortable. We have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We have clothes on our backs. I can afford to fill my gas tank each week. Do I wish we had more money? Honestly, who doesn't? But, we are good. We are lucky.

5. Fertility. There are many families out there that struggle with fertility issues, and my heart breaks for them. I am ever so thankful every day for our fertility.

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