Monday, November 24, 2014

Gender Reveal

If you follow me on Instagram, I'm sure you're thinking: Hey! She already told us!

If you don't follow me on Instagram, you should.

I have already announced the sex of our sweet peanut, even made it Facebook official. Because Facebook, of course, makes it real and true.

I had scoured Pinterest (follow me there, too!) for gender reveal ideas. I didn't want to do a full on party because my pregnant sister-in-law had done that just a few weeks earlier. I also didn't want to spend a ton of money because I'd rather spend my money on cute baby clothes and stuff. Plus, Christmas. It's close and it's an expensive time of year!

1. I Can Teach My Child | 2. The Devoted Wife | 3. Our Homegrown Spud
My first decision was color. I knew that I didn't want to do the pink and blue theme. For one, I really don't like pale pink. For two, sister-in-law did that. And for three, who hasn't done pink and blue for a gender reveal?!

Ultimately, I decided upon some gender neutral-ish colors. Teal/turquoise and yellow. Teal for boy, yellow for girl. And everything turned out beautifully. Truth be told, I didn't go "all out" with decorations, or anything for that matter. We used our regular plates and silverware, I didn't make or buy specialty treats (remember...Christmas is close!). I decided that our money would be spent on an Old Wives' Tales poster and the supplies for revealing the sex of the baby.

Photo/Poster from A Cloth Life
Our 20 week ultrasound was planned for a Sunday, so we also decided to have our party the same day, when our beloved (but horribly horrible) Vikings played, and lost (really, no surprise there).

I'm not here to give a recap of the party. I'm here to show you how we revealed the gender, and to show off my super awesome Old Wives' Tales poster.

Here is what I came up with:

I made my gender reveal poster on PicMonkey and had it printed at Costco (super cheap, and super fast!). If you don't use PicMonkey, you should. I'm giving y'all quite a few tips today -- following me on Instagram and Pinterest (you may as well follow me on Twitter, too), and to use PicMonkey. Trust me. These are all very wise decisions.

I used this tutorial from Our Homegrown Spud for the gender reveal scratch off cards. When I was first looking at scratch off tutorials, I found plenty. But with some practice, I had learned that they weren't that great -- the scratching took too long, and took off some of the image underneath as well. I started to think I'd have to do more experimenting, but then! I happened across Our Homegrown Spud and millions of minutes were saved. Make it a sticker! If you ever have any need (or want) for a custom scratch-off, please, please use her tutorial. The contact paper is magical.

Well, if you haven't figured it out by now, we're having a girl and she's set to arrive in April!