Saturday, June 1, 2013


My husband's last day of school was yesterday. Being that we live so close to his school, the year end party was at our house. The hubs and his fellow teachers were enjoying the start of there summer by 2pm.

I was carrying/wearing a sleepy baby and packing up.

The year end parties tend to get a little wild, and I knew that it would be in my best interest to spend the night at my parents' house. If the little man didn't have a nightly crab-fest from 8pm to 10pm, I would have happily stayed at the party. But, since he's quite the fussy boy for 2 straight hours, I made the short trip (10 minutes) to the place I was raised.

Kid and I had such a great time.

His Mootzie (my mom) loves him to pieces, rocked him, and smothered him in kisses.

His Pa (my dad) made silly faces and got a few genuine smiles from the peanut.

And me? I took up space on the couch, had a home cooked meal that I didn't cook, and snoozed when I could. It has been heavenly.

My mom has already planned quite the day for us:

I have strict orders to stay on the couch until they return home from breakfast with a meal for me.

Pa has orders to babysit Kid, while
Mootz and I run to Target (this used to be our go-to stress relief, when I still lived at home).

Upon our return, we will take Kid for a walk. Then, my sister and I will occupy the couch again. 

And while today won't be productive, I look forward to the relaxation. I've allowed myself to get way too tired over the course of these last two months, and I think it has started to catch up to me.

So here's to a fabulous support system in my husband, my parents, and my siblings. My life is amazing, and it has a lot to do with the people in it.

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  1. I love that your parents are so close and they can share this time with you.
    There is no place like home. :)