Monday, June 24, 2013

Preemie Baby

As a first time mom, having a preemie is tough.

G was born at 33 weeks, 6 days. Six weeks early. 

Sure, the time in the NICU was tough, but there were nurses there explaining everything. And making me feel as though it was all running smoothly.

Now that we're home, though, I'm full of questions. The biggest thing (not really a worry, or a concern...just a thing) that gets me is the milestone chart.

By 1 month, babies are supposed to do this, that, and the other thing.

But at one month old, Kid still had 2 weeks until his due date. He was doing some things of a full term one month old, but not everything.

And while I know delays are normal, and I should go by his adjusted age, it's hard. At this point in the game, I should be looking at the milestones of a five week old...yet my baby looks like a 2.5 month old.

Ay, ay, ay. Being a mom takes a lot of energy! Still loving it, though!


  1. Im feeling you on this post today! Interestingly, g is almost 11 weeks old, so about the age you wrote the post. However she is a bit smaller than your cutie. She hes been crabby lately, and I'd love to blame it on a growth spurt, but who knows since she was early and small. Preemies are hard, thanks for blazing the trail.

  2. I always blamed crabbiness on growth made me feel better to give it a reason! Having a preemie sure is hard. We have Graeme's 4 month appointment today. I'm excited to see his "stats" and how he compares to a full-term baby..