Saturday, June 22, 2013

Cribbin' It

It's Kid's first night in his crib. He naps there quite regularly, although, he prefers his mama's ta-tas as a pillow.

As far as nighttime goes, though, he has been snoozing in our room. Super close, so the nighttime breast feeding could be quick and easy.

But we're taking a trip and the mini co-sleeper (think miniature pack and play) has been packed away.

So Kid will be spending his first night in his crib. In his own room. And I'm nervous as can be.

I don't know why.

He sleeps in there during the day. I should be fine with it. 

Maybe it's because I'm not right there to wake up at his smallest peep?

Maybe it's because of the crazy weather we've been having?

Maybe it's because he's my baby, and I'm his mom... And to sound like my kindergarten babies, I can be nervous if I want to be!

I still have 4 posts in my drafts. Here's the problem: I've been posting on my phone lately. The pictures for those 4 posts are on the computer... And the hubs and I are old school in that we no longer have a laptop. It died, and the desktop computer is the only thing we have left...

Oh well. Like unsaid before... I'll get to them. Someday.

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