Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring! ... And a Meal Plan

It's spring! And my kindergarten students couldn't go outside today because it was just too dang cold out! Their little faces were so red upon arrival this morning... But the silly thing about this beautiful state of mine?

Last year, temperatures were in the 70s.

On another note, I'm 32 weeks along. And my feet disappeared a couple weeks ago. It's so funny to look down! And did I tell y'all that a coworker asked if I was fur "a couple days ago?" Still a highlight slash the funniest moment of my pregnancy.

On another "another" note, I have a bit of a meal plan for you. As far as meals go, my weeks now start on Thursdays, as that is when I can get my produce in the super cheap.

Thursday: Mushroom & Spinach Stuffed Chicken
Friday: Salmon & Broccoli
Saturday: Crockpot Chicken Tacos
Sunday: Beef Brisket
Monday: Italian Meatloaf
Tuesday: leftovers for the hubs, girls night for me!
Wednesday: dinner @ my parents'

The hubs informed me that the stuffed chicken is one of his new favorite meals. Made my day. Big time. Here is the recipe.

My modifications? No bacon. Hubby would probably love the addition of bacon. Me? Not so much.

So. That's my meal plan. That's my preggo update. That's the weather in Minnesota.

And, that's life. Don't ya just love it?

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