Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I recently brought my beloved husband into our local baby store. All baby stuff.

These types of stores aren't really my cup of tea, as prices are usually marked up. I think they're going for the convenience factor of being able to get everything for baby in one place. There are pet stores that are the same. I don't spend much time in these stores for a couple of reasons.

1. The prices are high.
2. They sell quite a few unnecessary items.

The only child I have right now is a mere 16 weeks along, so I am no expert when it comes to babies. At all. Who really is an expert, anyway? I did; however, work in a daycare that had babies as little as 6 weeks old. Even as a 22 year old, I was saddened by how quickly parents were called back to work at babies were sent off to some form of daycare.

That said, I know a little bit about babies. I know a bit about the stuff that goes along with a baby. And, holy cow, it is a LOT of stuff.

My husband, on the other hand, wasn't as aware.

And it freaked him out.

Of course, he has now realized how awesome of a shopper I am. Upon leaving the store he said, "Thank God you found a dresser slash changing table for $35."

I smiled. Planted a kiss on him, too.

Oh, and. Craigslist has become my new best friend.

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  1. OMG.
    Did "we", meaning your blog readers, know you are preggo or did you just subtly slip it into this post???
    I am so excited for you!