Saturday, May 19, 2012

Patio Clean-Up!

Spring is here! Well, I suppose it is just about summer by now. Goodness, I have been quite the slacker. When did I last post? Feels like a year ago. I have a sort of valid excuse. I've started another class for my masters. Just a bit busy around these parts!

But! I hosted a triathlon themed wedding shower last weekend and it was amazing! The backyard needed a big clean-up and I had just the inspiration. I have to admit that it felt a little bit like the Saturday Burn Day I read about here, only I didn't have a burn going on, nor do I have any children. Still. I felt "cool." That family togetherness to get things done makes me so happy! I fashioned my own "work day" while the hubby was working, and he joined in the fun when he got home.

Our wood pile and garden beds on the patio (wood pile so close to the house--horrible!).
A view from the other side of the patio (with the rickety old fire pit).

The wood pile is half gone!

When the hubs got home, he brought with him an old sod cutter so we could place our garden beds.

Our beautiful garden beds. Rock will never be our first choice to fill the space between the beds. The previous owners must have gotten an amazing deal on rock, though, because it is everywhere!

Enjoying a Sierra Nevada (one of my faves!) while figuring out to do with all of the leftover black dirt...
It was a wonderful, beautiful day! I love my new garden beds (there are four) and I can't wait to plant! I am, though, SUPER jealous of this garden plot. SO envious of her and her family!

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